How to Paint Compelling Portraits – That stay out of the Attic and on the Wall!

Painting a portrait involves getting a likeness of a particular individual. I am here to tell you that ANYONE with the desire and tenacity can learn how to get a likeness. It takes a while to learn to get a likeness, and once you get a good representation of a particular person, you probably want to ensure that your painting actually gets hung on a wall and not stuffed into an attic or basement, never to see the light of day again!

So What Makes a Compelling Portrait?

  • Detail?
  • Value?
  • Composition?
  • Likeness?

All of these contribute to a good portrait, but the really memorable paintings, the ones that hang ON walls and in museums, aren’t just technically good (there are many technically perfect paintings that just collect dust), they are the ones that convey the artist’s statement about the sitter. This workshop will show how to use painting tools not only to get a likeness, but how to make a Compelling Portrait!

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