Welcome to My Painted Life! My name is Libby Peters. I decided to start this site when I found myself starting over again at 55, feeling overwhelmed and unsure if I could start a new homestead and make a useful and happy life by myself at my age. I learned so many useful things by reading other blogs from people who had gone through the same things that I was going through that I decided to write about my experience setting up a new homestead, in case that journey was useful to someone else in a similar situation. In this blog I will share setting up my new homestead using those skills that work for me. If you like working with nature and being a part of the natural world, instead of trying to change it, working with your unique skills and talents and passions to create a more sustainable life, then you’ll feel right at home here, where you’ll find encouraging posts about how to live a beautiful, happy, fulfilling and sustainable life!