Guard Dog on Duty

Chevy and the Buzzard

It was dreary and drizzly here on Friday. I finally found a good answer to my predator problems of the past many years by getting a Livestock Guard Dog about three years ago. Chevy is a Great Pyrenees and the smartest dog I have ever had and I love him dearly. Great Pyrenees are often found in Central Texas out in the fields with Angora goats but they are also useful as general farm guard dogs. That is his current role as he is good at deterring the packs of coyotes that we hear every night as well as skunks, raccoons and opossums from from attacking and eating the chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats and piglets. He’s good at barking when the goose alerts him to a flying object overhead, although he doesn’t seem to know the difference between a red shouldered or red tailed hawk, both of which eat the chickens, and buzzards, which only eat dead things. I don’t suppose it really matters. It seems like the buzzard is fully aware that Chevy can’t reach him up on that post and Chevy seems happy that he is protecting his flock!

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