Planning the Fall Garden

Down here in Central Texas the biggest growing season is in the fall and very early spring. Things die from heat and drought over the summer, but when the fall returns things come alive again and plants start to bloom. Since the weather has turned cooler (under I can finally start the seeds for the garden that I have (not so patiently) been waiting to plant.

I checked the internet for the last frost date for Smithville, TX and I found this very useful chart.

Since my garden is on the south side of my house I have decided that I will take a chance that the first frost date will be around Thanksgiving. That’s pretty close to 60 days from now. So I’m going to plant seeds that mature 60 days from the time I plant them.

I have seed packets left over from last season, so I will compare what I already have to what I want to grow and make a seed order tomorrow.

I’m so excited to be starting this new season in my life.

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